How I see it

Heide Follin is inspired by things that grow and finds her muse in Nature’s magnificent colors as they unfold in organic shapes, undulating lines and translucent light. Her personal interpretation of landscape explores the layering of elements, textures, color and energy lines that lead the eye across the canvas to reveal visual surprises that entice and delight.
She often begins with a free-form drawing technique using graphite or pen and ink. Heide’s inventive use of vibrant, clean colors is influenced by her emotions and shaped by her world travels, beautifully illustrated in her series of Galapagos paintings. Her paintings are not bound by physical reality, but reflect Nature’s richness in sweeps of shiny, translucent color next to flat areas, spontaneous thick brush work contrasting with drippy paint, a variety of mark making including lyrical Japanese strokes, carefully drawn detail, texture scraped into wet paint.
Heide likes to complicate the surface, and then simplify it. What she sees with her own eyes is the jumping off point to an imagined and more abstract world. She will leave underlying translucent areas free to breathe in a finished painting, as her work ventures into abstract and impressionistic areas while describing Nature in a vibrant, joyous way.

I listen to my emotions where color is concerned.
There is joy in vibrant clean colors put down in an inventive way.
A variety of mark making is essential.
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